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Collaborations between musicians have always existed: Musicians with sings, composers with lyricists, singers and rappers and even collaborations between a couple of singers or musicians. It’s always an enriching expirience to collaborate with other professionals in the music, since it allows us to learn from each other. However, just like in every other field in […]

Unless you, as an artist, are a producer as well, all artists need the guidance of a professional producer. A person that can give our songs a fresh, new sound, according with our vision or idea of what we want our music to sound like. Here’s a few things an artist should have in mind […]

As I’ve been receiving LOTS of emails and questions lately, I thought this would be a nice way to answer to them without having to write a CRAZY long email to each and everyone. Also, I thought this would help, because most of the questions you ask are the same, so this way I answer […]

Thanks to social networks like Facebook or Twitter it’s easy for us artists to have a constant communication with our followers. However, studies proove that more than a 75% of people still preffers email to receive important news. So, are you an artist and you still don’t have your own newsletter? What are you waiting […]

Episode 15 – Conferences

Posted: 27th January 2013 by admin in Conferences
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January is probably the month of music conferences, and I should probably have posted this a little before these important conferences, specially MIDEM & NAMM (both going on as I write)… oh well! You have time to get ready for the next one, right? Lots of people say an image is worth a thousand words […]