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Episode 21 – The Street Team

Posted: 19th July 2014 by IreneB in Fans, Marketing & Promotion

  The street team is a great promotional tool for indie artists, what is it? In the vynil, cassettes and CD eras, the street teamĀ  (ST) was a group of people that would “take the street” to promote the musicians they liked, either by passing out flyers, put posters up and collect names and addresses […]

As I’ve been receiving LOTS of emails and questions lately, I thought this would be a nice way to answer to them without having to write a CRAZY long email to each and everyone. Also, I thought this would help, because most of the questions you ask are the same, so this way I answer […]

Thanks to social networks like Facebook or Twitter it’s easy for us artists to have a constant communication with our followers. However, studies proove that more than a 75% of people still preffers email to receive important news. So, are you an artist and you still don’t have your own newsletter? What are you waiting […]

Episode 14 – Merchandising

Posted: 24th August 2012 by admin in Booking, Marketing & Promotion

You know, more artists don’t give enough credit to merchandising, and I think it is a great way to receive revenue and do good promotion. While indie artists don’t usually have a big budget for merchandising (both promotional & for sale), they should find a way to add some pieces to their merchandising stand. Merchandising […]

The digital era has opened numerous doors for us, indie artists. Besides having more control about where and we sell our product, a bigger field of promotion, etc. we can reach a wide audience easier than artists used to 10 or 15 years ago. Lots of artists start with big dreams of being played in […]