As I’ve been receiving LOTS of emails and questions lately, I thought this would be a nice way to answer to them without having to write a CRAZY long email to each and everyone. Also, I thought this would help, because most of the questions you ask are the same, so this way I answer to all of you at the same time!

This first volume of Q&A I want to dedicate to answer the questions of songwriter Kevin Belna, that took the time to watch ALL of my videos and ask me some questions (a lot actually, which is really cool! I get to do two videos! :D). Here are some of the questions I answer in this volume:

– There is publishing and distribution deals. Is there a possibility that a distributor takes care of some of the advertisement?

– How does a distributor deal with currency change fees?

– I am a songwriter, if I write something, and a producer programs beats to the music… Is he entitled to share copyrights?

– The same with studio musicians, record labels, publishing companies… Are they entitled to copyright shares?

– How does a publishing company split the publishing?